Accommodation is important! The trouble is that all tourist have different budgets. Some would like the nicest safari lodges while others will do just fine with a tented camp or a hostel. Therefore Godson Adventures do business with with many of them! It is important for us to provide you with the service that suits you.


In the following you will find an overview of the accomodation in or near the National Parks.

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Accommodation in Serengeti National Park

At least two dozen lodges, permanent tented camps and seasonal tented camps, and numerous public and special campsites.

Accommodation in Tarangire National Park

There are two large lodges, and several luxury tented camps inside the park, as well as public camps inside the park. There are also about a dozen exclusive lodges, tented camps and campsites just outside the park border.


Accommodation in Lake Manyara National Park

One luxury hotel within the park, as well as special campsite and a public campsite, but this is the park where you have so many options on accommodation just outside the park from budget hotels, to luxury hotels.

Accommodation in Arusha National Park

Inside the park there are two private lodges, two rest houses, three public and two special campsites and two mountain accommodation centers.
Many private lodges lie just outside the park and in Arusha town.

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