What to bring on the mountain

Preparation is half the trip, we say! To succeed we need to bring the right stuff to the peak – and only that 😉

If you are in doubt, please feel free to ask, but we recommend that you read the following before going with us.

If you find it difficult to bring all the stuff, please feel free to contact us. We might be able to rent it to you.

A suitable mountain wardrobe would include:

1. Sunhat
2. Sunglasses
3. Sunscreen(high factor 35-40 essential)
4. Head torch with spare batteries
5. Thermal hat
6. Balaclava
7. Bandanna
8. Thermal top and bottom at least two pairs each
9. Fleece – two pairs
10. Lightweight trousers two pairs or more (No jeans)
11. Gloves (Inner gloves and outer shell)
12. Rain trousers and rain jackets
13. Summer wear (T-shirts and shorts)
14. Sleeping bag
15. Water bottles – at least two but also CamelBags system is very essential
16. Water proof hiking boots
17. Socks – at least 6 pairs
18. Medication (your own first)
19. Day pack
20. Soft bag or Rucksack
21. Small towels

What to put in your day pack:

1. Rain gear (jacket and trousers)
2. All of your valuables (passport, money etc.)
3. Medical kit
4. Power-bars
5. Water bottles loaded with water
6. Walking poles
7. Toilet paper and plastic bags for packing used paper to the next camp
8. Camera, accessories, cards, charger
9. Sweets
10. Anything which you may think will be very useful to you like MP3-player and iPods as well as diary or reading materials

Your medical kit should contain:

1. Antiseptic cream and plasters for small cuts and grazers
2. Bandages
3. Compeed for blisters
4. Anti-malaria
5. Ibuprofen/Paracetamol/Asprin
6. Re-hydrating powders
7. Lip salve or chapstick or Vaseline
8. Lozenges
9. Any current medication you are on
10. Diamox
11. Waterproof bag etc.

– plains 2 peaks