Knowledgeable and super accommodating!

– Made my safari perfect- catered to every request!

Godson is very responsive to Facebook messages and email. Even given the time difference, I always had thorough replies to all my inquiries. There was a lot of back and forth so that Godson knew exactly what I was looking for and he perfectly catered my trip to what I wanted. I gave him a list of the animals I hoped to see, the level of accommodation I desired, and he put together a plan. He handled all the bookings, so all I had to worry about was getting there! He even picked me up from my hotel after I finished hiking Kilimanjaro, then finished my trip by dropping me off at the airport.

On safari, Godson’s truck is as comfortable as they get (there’s a LOT of dust and bumpy roads on safari!) and he was constantly on his radio, working with other guides so we didn’t miss any spottings! He was even able to find some baby leopards playing in a tree! Such a special site!

I’d highly recommend booking with Godson for personalized, professional service and a wonderful safari experience! Thank You Godson!

It is me, Cara Crumbliss from U.S.A


– plains 2 peaks