Magnificent Tanzania – excellent guide

First I want to say something that is mentioned here in every review – safari is truly amazing experience and can definitely be one of the greatest trips of a lifetime – so before taking the trip I spent many hours looking for a tour company and was in touch with many tour operators to make sure that everything would go well.
Now back to Godson Adventures. Godson is the owner of the company and he is also the guide. When I started talking to Godson he was available almost 24/7 and answered all my questions almost immediately so the communication and planning was very smooth.
All other companies were offering pretty much the same set of lodging options for my budget so whenever I reached to a new company they were offering properties that I already was aware of. I made a short list of properties and chose the best for every location so when I approached Godson I asked him to pick those properties. Godson told that he could do it but then he also suggested few options, which I was

not aware of. One of them, near Serengeti entrance, was brand new so looks like others did not know about it at all so we ended up in a resort style hotel with a nice pool vs B&B that was offered by others and the one I picked initially . Another property – Serengeti camp – also looked better than those offered by other companies, in fact it was also in other category i.e. more expensive.

Godson knows the parks very well and we saw many animals including the big five. He also has his own secret places so few times we were watching animals very close to us and there was no one else around. He also knew when we needed to be patient so on few occasions we saw some unique things like a lioness and several cubs crossed the road right in front of us. All other cars were gone by then but Godson suggested that we should stay as lioness was acting weird and he though she was looking for a cub (and he was right!).

Godson was telling some interesting and fun facts about animals and nature all the time but he was not talking non-stop. He was also happy to participate in every conversion we started so it was very friendly atmosphere during the whole trip.

Thanks again Godson for the truly amazing trip!

Kirill, UK

– plains 2 peaks