The best eyes of Serengeti!

Godson is a very well experienced and very professional guide. He plans your trip following your whishes and adapts the plans very easily (we had to change plans 3 weeks before the trip due to an injury). He is a very nice person and very funny making the journeys in the car easy going. He has an anormous knowledge about animals (including birds!!) and flora and shares his know how. We’ve learnt a lot about masai traditions too.

Very efficient answering emails and preparing the trip beforehand. He helped us a lot with our lost luggagge before starting the safari.

In summary, we are very happy to have met and make our trip with Godson. Traveling with your partner, with your family or friends, we definately recommend him to help you organising your safari! He will always propose the best option for you!

Maria Rem, France.

– plains 2 peaks